What Are the Best Additions for Your Pressure Washer Pump


If you have a pressure washer, you’ve probably heard of the importance of lubricant. While water can clean most surfaces, detergents provide a cleaner, safer solution. Moreover, these products are safe for the environment and use in fences. Regardless of their usefulness, they should be used with caution, as the effects of using them can be harmful to the environment. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of lubricant for your pump and what you should look for in your pump.

Extension nozzles

This is an extension that connects to the pressure washer’s wand. Typically, you’ll find these nozzles attached to industrial platforms. These nozzles are more efficient than straight-through wands, as they are able to cover a greater area. They also feature chemical injectors, which inject soap into the water stream when the pressure is turned down. However, these nozzles should be avoided because they can cause damage to high-pressure pumps.

Extension wand

This wand is slightly more powerful than the previous one, allowing for a larger range of spray. It comes with a thermal valve relief. It is easy to install with a minimum of tools and knowledge. The only disadvantage to it is that the shaft doesn’t fit the 3/4-inch shaft of your pressure washer.

Check the nozzles on the pressure washer

Aside from the water filter, you should also check the nozzles on your pressure washer regularly. They should be clean with special pins to prevent overheating. Make sure you have enough oil in your pump so it can support these new attachments. Aside from the oil filter, you should also check the level of oil inside your pressure washer. Ensure that the nozzles are not blocked with dirt.

Aside from a good hose, a pressure washer pump should be serviced at least once a year. A pump saver helps protect the seals and pistons in the machine. A properly functioning pump will last for hundreds of hours, and you should make sure to change the oil at least every two years. The cost of a replacement is only a small fraction of the repair costs. Aside from a good water nozzle, you should also consider the angle of the water stream. A narrow-angle produces a more powerful spray than a wide-angle. Hence, a good pressure washer should come with a universally colored nozzle. A red-tipped nozzle creates a zero-degree angle, while a yellow one creates a 15-degree angle spray.

The type of water pump

The first thing you should look for is the type of water pump. A pump with a low water flow will not function properly. You should also make sure that the pump is well-maintained. A good pressure washer should have a pump with an oil reservoir. This will prevent the pump from overheating. It should also be free from debris and other debris.

Purchasing a pressure washer

The second important factor in purchasing a pressure washer is the type of fuel. Diesel fuel is better for outdoor use, while petrol is better for medium-duty work. It’s compatible with gasoline. Soybean oil, however, is another good option. Its high-quality oil contains no additives. Further, it has no additives, which are mainly beneficial for your business.


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