How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair


If you have short hair, the clip-in hair extensions will be your favorite tool to give you the desired length and volume. Additionally, sometimes it can be a little tricky to make a good blend of clips in your natural locks to make sure that they are not visible and that your extensions look like you may have grown your hair over many years.

This article is a treasure trove of expert tips on how to hide extensions in very short hair like a pro. If you’re also rocking short hair, this is a must-read.

Hide Hair Extensions Made Simple with This Guide For Short Hair

Many people with short hair do not like to use extensions because they think it will be apparent or obvious, and it is. Nevertheless, if you somehow correctly incorporate the hair extensions in the short hair, they are quite invisible. You cannot spot the clips, and nobody sees them. Finally, here is where we handle it.

Determining Extension Weight

If your hair is thicker, you will need to consider the weight of the extensions. This is based on the weight of your hair strands. For those with thin hair, the weight of the clip-ins on the end suggests a lower weight, while for the thicker sides, it is fairly obvious that the weight of the clip-ins should be on the heavier side.

Nevertheless, choose an extension thickness that is not too high, or your thinner hair will take too much effort to cover the extensions. Hair that is thicker in cross-section is more appealing, more deterring, and more realistic. It is also easier to hide the hair and look good. Thus, the underlying principle in short hair will be to get the best quality and thicker hair to hide the extensions.

Cutting Hair Extensions Back

One of the most common blunders is using very long hair extensions on short hair. They do not look natural. Going a little shorter makes it logical because the extensions look more natural. You may also want to consider shortening your hair extensions; however, if this is not something you are comfortable with, you can skip this step. Trimming layers into your extensions might help to hide your natural hair length and improve the appearance of the extensions. If possible, take your extensions to your hairdresser and get them trimmed for you.

Opt For Smaller Bonds

One of the most effective techniques to conceal extensions in very short hair is to use hair with smaller connections. These will be easier to apply to finer strands and integrate into shorter hair. Many hair stylists recommend lengthy keratin bond extensions for this. They are easily customizable, and your hairdresser can cut the bonds to be small enough to be undetectable in the hair.

Colour Matching

The next mistake many individuals make, particularly when purchasing hair extensions online, is not selecting the correct shade. The improper color extensions stand out like a sore thumb and appear false, so you must have a good color match. This is especially crucial when learning how to hide extensions in very short hair lengths, as you want to prevent anything that will bring attention to your hair.

If you buy your extensions in person, you will better understand the color, and the sales assistant can even help you match them. However, if you purchase online, you should choose a brand that provides color-matching services. Typically, this means sending photos of your hair in natural light for the sales team to match the colors they offer.


To sum up, becoming an expert on keeping hair extensions hidden in short locks can entirely change your style. Through our professional instructions on blending, weight, cutting, bond size, and color correspondence, it is perceived that the result is a rather natural and analogous look. Clip-in extensions are the most versatile accessory and an easy way to uplift your short hairstyle.


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