Revolutionize Your Spaces with UnilightLED’s Spherical LED Displays


UnilightLED emerges as a trailblazer in the domain of advancing LED technology, ushering in a new era of visual aesthetics and innovation. Their commitment to crafting visually stunning displays goes beyond mere convenience, adding a burst of living color to the urban landscapes. With the continuous evolution of sphere led display technology, UnilightLED introduces the Spherical LED Display, a product that not only redefines the boundaries of art and technology but also stands out as a featured gem in the extensive UnilightLED product line.

Innovative Techniques in Producing Eye-Catching Spherical LED Displays

UnilightLED’s Spherical LED Displays are not just about form but also about function. Divided into two types during production, these displays offer versatility in application. The entire spherical LED display, characterized by its compact two-meter diameter, is perfect for short-distance viewing, while the larger hemispherical LED display captivates audiences even from considerable distances.

Production Methods for the Visual Spectacle

Step into the enchanting world of visual spectacle creation as UnilightLED reveals the intricate production techniques behind their Spherical LED Displays. This journey takes you behind the curtain, showcasing the artistry and precision that go into crafting these mesmerizing visual wonders.

Large Diameter Outdoor Displays: Single Pixel Tube Method

For outdoor displays with larger diameters, UnilightLED employs the single-pixel tube method. This intricate process involves cutting screen ball pieces based on latitude and strategically placing rows of LED pixel tubes. The result is a visually striking display that captivates audiences with its sheer brilliance.

Small Diameter Indoor Displays: SMD 3in1 LED Lamps and Controllable LED Strips

Indoor settings call for a different approach. UnilightLED adopts SMD 3in1 LED lamps and pixel-controllable LED strips crafted from flexible PCB boards for smaller diameter displays. These LED strips gracefully encircle the spherical bracket by latitude, creating displays that seamlessly blend with indoor environments while offering a visually immersive experience.

Indoor LED Sphere Displays: Specialized LED PCB Boards

The indoor LED sphere display takes customization to the next level. UnilightLED designs specialized LED PCB boards according to pixel pitch, allowing for a variety of shapes such as triangles or hexagons, opening up a world of possibilities, and ensuring each indoor spherical LED display is a unique visual masterpiece.

UnilightLED’s commitment to innovation and aesthetic excellence shines through in each Spherical LED Display. These displays are not merely products; they are a testament to UnilightLED’s dedication to crafting visually stunning and flexible LED solutions for diverse environments.

Infinite Possibilities

From captivating visuals to groundbreaking technology, discover how UnilightLED pushes the boundaries, offering a diverse spectrum of solutions that redefine the way one perceives and interacts with LED displays.

Connecting with Audiences

Their LED Screen Globe becomes a focal point for maximum exposure, energizing your audience and creating memorable connections.

Creating Magical Scenery

Craft memorable scenes with glowing spheres, impressing your audience with color-shifted displays that evoke a sense of wonder.

Brand Activation Brilliance

Maximize exposure by featuring your logo on large, color-changing LED spheres, ensuring your brand takes center stage.


UnilightLED’s displays transcend products; they embody a dedication to innovation and aesthetic excellence. From large outdoor displays to smaller indoor counterparts, each Spherical LED Display stands as a testament to UnilightLED’s commitment to crafting visually stunning and flexible LED solutions.

Production techniques showcase UnilightLED’s meticulous artistry, from the single-pixel tube method for large outdoor displays to SMD 3in1 LED lamps and controllable LED strips for smaller indoor counterparts. This dedication highlights the company’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries.


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